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Unlock the Excitement of Red Door Roulette: Strategy, Demo, and More

Red Door Roulette is a roulette game that allows you to enter an external bonus round based on the Crazy Time Bonus Wheel and win up to 4000x. Straight-up payouts have been reduced from 35:1 to 19:1 to account for multiplier wins that occur. When you win a straight-up number bet with a key, you will gain access to the Bonus round. Three to fifteen keys can be randomly dispersed throughout the betting grid, with some having multipliers ranging from 2x to 20x, which boosts the Crazy Time Bonus wheel rewards during the bonus round.

Red Door Quick Overview

If you are already familiar with and know how to play roulette and have tried Crazy Time, this brief will teach you everything you need to know about Red Door Roulette.

  • Red Door Roulette normally uses an Auto-European roulette wheel.
  • The roulette betting grid has three to fifteen keys dispersed among straight-up numbers.
  • Some keys are allocated multipliers ranging from 2x to 20x.
  • The Red Door Crazy Time Bonus Round is triggered when the ball lands on a key-encoded number.
  • Straight-up wins payout 19:1.
  • Only straight-up number bet winners are eligible for bonus rounds.
  • The Crazy Time Bonus Wheel features 64 multipliers and double segments.
  • The RTP for straight-up number bets is 97.09%, while other bets are 97.30%.
  • The Crazy Time wheel has a maximum multiplier of 4000x and a win cap of 250,000INR.

How To Play Red Door Roulette?

Red Door Slot

Once betting time has expired, the presenter initiates a single reel slot machine with numbered symbols ranging from three to fifteen. The slot stops at a random number symbol that indicates how many “Keys” will be spread over the betting grid.

Betting Time

Red Door Roulette begins like any other roulette game, with players making bets on the betting grid.  Remember that in order to qualify for the bonus round, you must bet on straight-up bets, but you can also play on all other inside and outside bets, which pay out according to conventional European Roulette rules. Only the straight-up bet payout ratio has been decreased to 19:1.

Keys and Multipliers

As the keys are assigned to straight-up numbers, an RNG process generates multipliers ranging from 2x to 20x, which are assigned to some numbers. These multipliers are carried forward to the bonus round, increasing the initial prize on the wheel by the multiplier value.


If the ball lands in a pocket without a key, players who bet on that number will get a 19:1 payment. Bets on other positions containing the winning number are rewarded in accordance with the regular European Roulette payout. If the result includes a Key, with or without a multiplier, the Bonus round begins.

Red Door Roulette Tips and Strategies

The entire point of playing Red Door Roulette is to get to the Bonus Round. If you enjoy roulette and don’t care about the bonus rounds, we recommend playing basic European Roulette or French Roulette with La Partage for the best results.

In this red door roulette strategy part, I’ll discuss the ideal wager to make if you want to advance to the bonus round, as well as how to keep your bankroll intact while doing so.

The bonus round is highly variable, therefore prizes are usually tiny. When a multiplier is carried over into the bonus round, enormous wins occur, as does a double or multiple doubles when the wheel is spun.

Let’s look at the game’s statistical data and see what we can learn.

Betting on Numbers

There are thirty-seven straight-up numbers, therefore betting on each one would cost you 37 units. When you win, as you will every time, the payment is nineteen units, which means you lose twenty-eight units. It doesn’t take long to realize that this is a losing tactic that should be avoided at all costs.

Betting on Half of the numbers

A bet on half the numbers equals a 19-unit stake. If you win, you will earn 19 units and break even. However, you can only win 50% of the time in the long run, therefore this method is based on obtaining a few bonus rounds to make up for the losses.

Play this method if you have a sizable bankroll and are willing to lose every other game round on average.

Betting on a third of the Numbers

This is my preferred wager because it provides me a 33% chance of landing a winning number and, as a result, occasionally entering one of the bonus rounds. This bet is betting on 13 numbers. You can distribute them as you want over the betting grid, whether it’s favorite numbers, wheel portions, or neighbors. It doesn’t matter in the long term because you’ll have an additional third of the wheel included.

This bet requires 13 units and pays out when you win 19 units, resulting in a little profit. Now, this will not happen every time. Statistically, it will occur every three spins, though this can vary in the short term. You can validate this by looking at the statistics on how frequently the Thirds come in.

In red door roulette we chose this bet because it restricts my exposure and helps me keep my bankroll while also offering me the opportunity to participate in one of the bonus rounds. We will not complete every bonus round. In truth, it will take some time, and we will overlook some since we do not have the figures covered. However, having a chance is preferable to having no chance. This bet is about controlling our losses in the hopes of winning big during the bonus round. If we don’t, we’ll probably end up breaking out!


Red Door Roulette is an interesting game that combines features of Lightning Roulette with a popular bonus round from Crazy Time. Rather than being played on its own, roulette is employed to qualify for the bonus round. The Red Door Crazy Time wheel is the goal that all players desire to arrive at because it contains the game’s biggest wins. The payback occurs in the bonus round. We believe the game will be appealing to Crazy Time gamers, who are already aware of the possibility of winning on the large wheel. The 4000x cap shows that this is possible, however, it is most likely a once-in-a-year event.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Red Door Roulette?

Red Door Roulette is Evolution’s live dealer fun game that combines Roulette with Crazy Time’s Red Door Bonus Round.

Where can I play Red Door Roulette?

Many live casinos provide Red Door Roulette. Badshacric is my current favorite, as it has all Evolution Games as well as games from other prominent providers.

What is the max Multiplier on Red Door Roulette?

The maximum multiplier for Red Door Roulette is 4000x. This win is achieved when key multipliers and Double segments enhance segments on the bonus wheel.

Which is better Red Door Roulette better or Crazy Time?

Crazy Time features four bonus rounds, but Red Door Roulette focuses on just one.

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